Intermittent Fasting

“It is illogical to make drastic dietary changes that you can’t continue the rest of your life!”  Packaged meal plans or food specific diets work great until you stop them.  Then all of the weight comes back.


Intermittent fasting is sustainable and doesn’t require you to cook separate meals or eat different foods than your family and friends.  It just requires smaller portions.  Now that is doable and sustainable!


How does intermittent fasting stop insulin resistance?

            The quickest and most efficient way to lower insulin and insulin resistance is fasting.  Fasting resets the glucose insulin paradigm.  When a carb-rich meal is eaten the body produces insulin which in turn will prompt the body to burn the carbohydrates eaten but hold on to the fat.  By decreasing the amount of carbohydrate rich foods or fasting, the body isn’t producing excess insulin and storing fat. In addition, fasting stimulates the growth hormone.  The growth hormone tells the body to preserve muscle mass and burn fat stores for energy.


Why I like Intermittent Fasting?

            Intermittent fasting is easy because there are no restrictions to what you eat when it is time to eat. During the fasting mode your body is switching to burning fat and the size of your stomach shrinks.  Thus, when you do eat a smaller portion of food is required to feel satiated.